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Green Lantern Corps (series 0-10)
350 pages |
225.11 мegabytes

Keywords: Green Lantern Corps
Guy Gardner and John Stewart are trying to live a "normal" life, as other members of the corps. Meanwhile, someone kills the green light, to find out who is doing it to be with John Guy and their small team.
Batman (series 0-10)
300 pages |
194.11 мegabytes

Keywords: Batman DC comics Batman vol 2
What is Gotham? Yes, yes, it is a city, but it is not about that. What olitsitvoryaet Gotham? Its residents are asking this question for years. Maybe Gotham represent fears of its inhabitants. Or villains. Two-faced? Kroc killer? Maybe it's Riddler? No. Criminals are cowards and managed predskazyemymi desires. Then, maybe, the characters? Well,
Batgirl (series 0-10)
275 pages |
178.5 мegabytes

Keywords: Batgirl DC comics
Barbara Gordon, after three years in a wheelchair, has regained the ability to walk. And returned to the role Betgerl! Having lived for many years with his father, Babs finally decides to move. She will have to face a new villain, horror at the Gotham, and overcome their fears of the past.
Stormwatch (series 0-10)
352 pages |
245.11 мegabytes

Keywords: Stormwatch DC comics
Storm Watch - dangerous team of superhumans whose existence was kept a secret from the world. Jack Hawksmoor and other team members want to get to his two deadliest superhumans on the planet: Midnaytera and Apollo. What if they say "no"? Possible that the Martian Manhunter can change their opinions.
Green Lantern (Series 0-10)
330 pages |
217.69 мegabytes

Keywords: Green Lantern DC comics
Guy Gardner and John Stewart are trying to live a "normal" life, as other members of the corps. Meanwhile, someone kills the green light, to find out who is doing it to be with John Guy and their small team. Find out what the outcome of the story.
Green Arrow (series 0-10)
220 pages |
184.05 мegabytes

Keywords: Green Arrow DC comics
The owner of a large company "Queen Industries" Oliver Queen seems quite ordinary millionaire slacker. But few people know the opposite direction of his life. Green Arrow - a modern Robin Hood, protecting the innocent and the guilty kicking ass.
Animal Man (Series 0-10)
220 pages |
208.24 мegabytes

Keywords: Animal Man DC comics
Buddy Baker, ending supergeroystvom became a family man. But is it the strength to keep his family when Maxine, his daughter, is beginning to show its own dangerous force?
Aquaman (series 0-10) 2012
264 pages |
228.94 мegabytes

Keywords: Aquaman DC comics 2012
Arthur begins a new life. Life on the surface. Life without prejudice and ridicule. But let it be the sea is so easy? Download and read this beautiful comic from our site.
Batman: The Dark Knight #12
36 pages |
15.52 мegabytes

Keywords: Batman The Dark Knight 2012 DC comics
After the return of the Dark Knight's new era of Batman, and he proceeded to carry out the assigned mission, traveling the world, while his hometown to replace former partner, Dick Grayson. But in Gotham lost one person who means a lot to Bruce Wayne, and for this reason he decided himself to understand the mysterious disappearance of a former
Charmed (series 22-24) 2012
75 pages |
77.89 мegabytes

Keywords: Charmed 2012
The ninth season of the show "Charmed" about three sisters, witches in the form of comics. Issues 1 to 24 + Prequel "Book of Shadows" + Bonuses first volume. Distribution will be updated as new releases.
Crossed (61 series) 2008-2012
1342 pages |
934.3 мegabytes

Keywords: Crossed 2012
The earth covered unusual virus makes people bloodthirsty lustful animals. No one knows where he came from and how to treat it. It is clear only that with wild impossible to negotiate. From them, we can only escape ... Or kill. Wonderful misanthropic and violent comics from Avatar Press, reinvents the classic zombie stories.
Scalped (series 1-60) 2007-2012
1320 pages |
1100 мegabytes

Keywords: Scalped 2012
Deshill Bad Horse, who left his native reservation many years ago, comes back and gets a job at a local boss Lincoln Red Crow, keep booking with an iron fist. Luxury crime drama series in the spirit of "Sopranos" and "The Wire", becoming with each release only better.
Soulfire (Series 1-59) 2003-2012
1740 pages |
860 мegabytes

Keywords: Soulfire 2012
The duration of the 23 century. Boy named Malikay (Malikai) destined to revive the magic of a new era. He is assisted by Grace (Grace) and Benoit (Benoist), as well as friends PJ (PJ) and Sonia (Sonia). Their goal to visit five masters. At the same time he is on the run from the evil Rainier (Rainier), which seeks to combine magic with technology,
X-23 (35 series) 2012
875 pages |
579.77 мegabytes

Keywords: X-23 2012
X-23 - real name Laura Kinney - a fictional character, the heroine in comics published by Marvel. X-23 - one of the few characters of Marvel, which first appeared on television (the animated series X-Men: Evolution, 2003rd year), and then in the comics - NYX # 3, year 2004. Laura - it is a clone of Wolverine and has similar superpowers for a while
Diablo III Sword of Justice (series 1-4) 2011-2012
90 pages |
77 мegabytes

Keywords: Diablo III Sword of Justice 2012
The main character in comics, Jacob, is a vision of the ancient prophecy of the sword Tyrael. Prophecy leads him to Archangel.
Batman - Arkham City (43 series) 2012
500 pages |
512 мegabytes

Keywords: Batman Arkham City 2012
Comic book series that relates the events of games Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City

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