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Smallville (Series 1-13) 2012
300 pages |
170.12 мegabytes

Keywords: Smallville DC 2012
The comic tells the story of events that take place six months after the series ended. Clark Kent saved the land and has officially become the world's hero, but old enemies are not asleep.
Spaceman (series 1-6) 2011-2012
147 pages |
98.14 мegabytes

Keywords: Spaceman 2012 comics DC
Spaceman tells the story of a man who was created by NASA for long-term space flights. After closing NASA Orson forced to live alone in the world and collect scrap metal to survive. But everything changes when he finds himself in the middle of the action relating to the abduction of the child.
DC Universe Online Legends (series 1-26) 2011-2012
650 pages |
383.49 мegabytes

Keywords: DC Universe Online Legends 2012
Based on the same game from Sony! It all starts with the fact that Lex Luthor's obsession with destroying Superman reaches its climax. A deal with Breyniakom not doomed if Luthor humanity to extinction?
New Avengers vol.2 #23-29
137 pages |
101.38 мegabytes

Keywords: New Avengers collections released new comics
7 new series of fascinating, exciting comics New Avengers. More adventure, more courage from unrivaled author Brian Michael Bendis.
True Blood (20 comics) 2008-2012
600 pages |
415.56 мegabytes

Keywords: True Blood 2012
Here is a comic book series based on the popular TV series "True Blood" in English. This is not a comic book adaptation of the series or books, but a completely new stories with old characters.
Jim Butcher (16 comics) 2008-2012
480 pages |
321.51 мegabytes

Keywords: Jim Butcher 2012
Jim Butcher - American author and screenwriter, best-selling author in the genres of fantasy, science fiction, detective, thriller and mystery. He is also the author of the graphic novel (comic book collections), created after his main book series "Dresden Files", the plot of the first book of which was also released self-titled series. Comics by
Charmed (series 0-21) 2010-2012
650 pages |
566.06 мegabytes

Keywords: Charmed 2012
Continuation of the popular TV series "Charmed" against three "Charmed" sisters witches and evil. Room # 0-21.
Final Destination: Spring Break (series 1-5)
124 pages |
29.27 мegabytes

Keywords: Final Destination Spring Break comics
Group of college students sent to their spring break in Cancun! But the tragedy that took place in the hotel, puts an end to fun: killed hundreds of people. Only an ominous prediction of a girl Carly saves her life and the lives of her friends. The boys decide to stay in Mexico, and try to forget about the nightmare they went through, but they do
Serenity (11 series)
290 pages |
183.01 мegabytes

Keywords: Serenity comics
This comic book series is a continuation of the series Firefly (Firefly)
House of Night (Series 1-5)
139 pages |
153.17 мegabytes

Keywords: House Night comics
Comic book series FK Cast and Kristin Cast "House of Night." "16-year-old Zoey Redbird is labeled candidate and should go to the House of Night - a mysterious school where from it will make a real vampire. But before Zoe to go through the change, which shall be kept for all labeling. Zoe scares a new life, away from old friends especially as it is
Duck Tales (Series 1-6)
165 pages |
140.8 мegabytes

Keywords: Duck Tales comics
Incredible Adventures of Scrooge McDuck, zigzag, Donald Duck's nephews, brothers Gavs, Hypnosis and Magick de Glomgolda.
Adventure Time (Series 1-6) 2012
172 pages |
117,76 мegabytes

Keywords: Adventure Time comics 2012
Adventure Time - American animated series created by Pendleton Ward. The series tells the story of the extraordinary and hilarious adventures of two best friends: the boy Finn and his dog Jake. The action of the series takes place in a magical land Ooo. Finn - 13-year-old boy, who loves to travel and save the princesses from the clutches of
Age of Apocalypse (series 1-4 of 7) 2012
93 pages |
69.56 мegabytes

Keywords: Age of Apocalypse comics marvel 2012
A year ago, there was a new limited series. It tells of a world in which, after the death of the Apocalypse was replaced by Wolverine (which here is called Omega Weapon). Mutants conduct genocide of people. The war devastated the Earth, mankind cornered. Only the brave heroes of people can repulse the enemy.
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents. Alice In Wonderland (series 1-6) 2012
180 pages |
130.69 мegabytes

Keywords: comics 2012
After three small limitok universe of Wonderland, which quickly gained a large audience of readers, Zenescope decided not to stop there. This is the fourth series Wonderland universe and it is a prequel to the previous series. It tells the original story of Alice, who went the white rabbit and fell into the hole. But, certainly, it is told with
Hulk Smash Avengers (series 1-5 of 5) 2012
120 pages |
99.83 мegabytes

Keywords: Hulk comics marvel 2012
One of the most powerful heroes of the universe "Marvel" goes to battle against the "Avengers." However, as the Hulk rage grows, changes, and the relationship between "The Avengers." Vary so that in any comic book, published earlier, readers will not have seen anything like this.
Magneto. Not a hero (series 1-4 of 4) 2012
94 pages |
64.67 мegabytes

Keywords: Magneto comics marvel 2012
This series of 4 issue is devoted to one of the most controversial comic book villains of the world - Eric Lensheru, better known as Magneto. As you know, Magneto has long made ​​peace with the people and joined the "People-X." Old quarrels are forgotten, because the mutant one goal - to survive (if you remember, after the events of

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