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Alpha Girl #3
After last issue's blackout ending, Judith wakes to find herself trapped in a freaky new world. Who are the men in rubber suits? Will she escape her clinical cage? What waits for her in the outside world, and who the hell is Frank? Suburban Wasteland not only brings the terror, but will have you spitting beer out your nose.

Alpha Girl #3

Publisher: Other
Alpha Girl #2
The action-packed second issue opens with our heroine getting her first taste of the new apocalyptic world. On the run from rabid women and mysterious men in black rubber suits, Judith flees to the suburbs where she meets Frank, a sex starved teenager with a horrible secret. Joining forces, the two teens set out to evade evisceration and find

Alpha Girl #2

Publisher: Other
Alpha Girl #1
It's 1984, and Judith is your typical 17 year old. She chain smokes, cuts class, sells her tampons to perverts, and she just might be the last sane woman left on the planet. When a third-rate cosmetics company creates a pheromone that turns women into crazed man-eaters, the world dives into chaos. Judith must break her little brother out of juvie,

Alpha Girl #1

Publisher: Other
Invincible #76-90 (2010-2012)
375 pages |
343.78 мegabytes

Keywords: Invincible Image Comics 2010 2011 2012
Invincible #51-75 (2008-2010)
780 pages |
543.21 мegabytes

Keywords: Invincible Image Comics 2008 2009 2010
Invincible #26-50 (2005-2008)
780 pages |
418.39 мegabytes

Keywords: Invincible Image Comics 2005 2006 2007 2008
Invincible #00-25 (2005)
800 pages |
288.26 мegabytes

Keywords: Invincible 2005 Image Comics
BloodStrike #01-22 (1993-1995)
700 pages |
646.76 мegabytes

Keywords: BloodStrike 1993 1994 1995 Image Comics
Great Pacific #01
35 pages |
41.77 мegabytes

Keywords: Great Pacific Joe Harris Martin Morazzo Image Comics 2012
"TRASHED!", Part One Chas Worthington dreams of big things, solving bigger problems, and making his mark on the world. Only no one takes the twenty-one year-old heir to one of the biggest oil fortunes in history very seriously. That is, until he turns his back on his cushy life of wealth and prestige, and seeks to solve an environmental disaster
Orc Stain (series 1-7) 2010-2012
252 pages |
324.95 мegabytes

Keywords: Orc Stain 2012
Over a million millennia the world crackled and writhed under uncontrollable horde of orcs. Wild, bloodthirsty creation, they countless hordes invaded almost every corner of the world ... Innumerable, but much too fragmented ... Neither empire orcs and not passed the test of time, as long as the masters, eventually turned against the hordes of
Bomb Queen (30 series) 2012
750 pages |
383.84 мegabytes

Keywords: Bomb Queen comics 2012
Comics "Bomb queen" was born into the world by the American author and artist Jimmy Robinson, who came up with this villainous character. Bomb Queen - villain, completely ruling the city of New Port City, and killed local superheroes. She dictator horror of honest citizens and authority to gangsters. And in the past much, because Bomb Queen
Final Destination: Spring Break (series 1-5)
124 pages |
29.27 мegabytes

Keywords: Final Destination Spring Break comics
Group of college students sent to their spring break in Cancun! But the tragedy that took place in the hotel, puts an end to fun: killed hundreds of people. Only an ominous prediction of a girl Carly saves her life and the lives of her friends. The boys decide to stay in Mexico, and try to forget about the nightmare they went through, but they do
Splinter Cell. Digging in the Ashes
33 pages |
8.63 мegabytes

Keywords: Splinter Cell comics ubisoft
This little comic is a bridge between the changeover ???Splnter Cell: Essentials??? (which was only on consoles) and "Splinter Cell: Conviction". Comic short but pretty intense. In 30 pages, fit and escape the mansion, and the penetration of the secret plant followed the shooting of all life on the road. And the ending blends in "Conviction". By
Crawl to Me (2012)
108 pages |
80.51 мegabytes

Keywords: comics 2012
Series creator "Wire Hangers" and rock musician Alan Robert returns to readers with his new horror comics. The protagonist of the story is called Ryan. He tries to protect his family from something that appeared out of the hole in the wall of the basement of his new country house. Only after a series of incomprehensible and terrifying incidents

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