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Empowered #1
249 pages |
56.49 мegabytes

Keywords: Empowered Dark Horse comics comedy comics
The first series of burlesque comedy from Adam Warren's superhero. The main character - a charming, slightly naive blonde, with prominent breasts and booty, whose costume gives her unusual superpowers. But here's the rub - a suit is very thin and breaks at the slightest tension, and the less suit, the less ability. However, the character itself
The Wednesday Conspiracy
155 pages |
127.02 мegabytes

Keywords: The Wednesday Conspiracy Wednesday Conspiracy comics 2010 Dark Horse
Think you've got problems? Meet the patients in Dr. Burton's Wednesday--afternoon support group. Violet carries a jar full of demons. Roger can read minds. Akiko talks with her dead parents through the bathroom mirror. Joe is an exorcist. Brian is pyrokinetic. And then, of course, there's Charles. They've been thrown together by the luck of the
Hellboy in Hell #1
31 pages |
18 мegabytes

Keywords: Hellboy in Hell Hellboy Great Britain comics 2013
After saving the world in a storm and fury, but sacrificing itself and for the honor of Great Britain, Hellboy is dead and thrown into Hell, where he finds a lot of familiar faces, and the throne, who was waiting for him.
B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth 101 - The Return of the Master #04
Chaos erupts as the B.P.R.D.'s forces are weakened by the crazed Russian scientist and his cult of followers. Meanwhile, the Zinco experiment at the Bureau headquarters reaches a dangerous and unexpected conclusion.
Star Wars - Dawn of the Jedi - Prisoner of Bogan #01
Banished to the dark moon Bogan, the Force Hound Xesh has been living in contemplation; the memory of who he was before his ship crashed on Tython still escapes him. A rival from his past is on his trail, and the Je'daii are doing all they can to discover his origin. And now, Xesh is about to meet someone who will change his life forever, a former
Ghost #2
Ghost returns to Chicago's Resurrection Cemetery, where paranormal investigators Vaughn and Tommy first summoned her, to seek an answer to the riddle of her own identity. But digging too deeply into the past can unearth secrets that the city's elite would rather stay buried, and soon new threats are showing their faces... Kelly Sue DeConnick takes

Ghost #2

Publisher: Dark Horse
Serenity (11 series)
290 pages |
183.01 мegabytes

Keywords: Serenity comics
This comic book series is a continuation of the series Firefly (Firefly)
House of Night (Series 1-5)
139 pages |
153.17 мegabytes

Keywords: House Night comics
Comic book series FK Cast and Kristin Cast "House of Night." "16-year-old Zoey Redbird is labeled candidate and should go to the House of Night - a mysterious school where from it will make a real vampire. But before Zoe to go through the change, which shall be kept for all labeling. Zoe scares a new life, away from old friends especially as it is
B.P.R.D.: Hell on Earth (2012)
27 pages |
20.15 мegabytes

Keywords: B.P.R.D Hell on Earth comics 2012
Twenty-four years ago, Professor Odonnelu Hellboy helped get into the secret library of the black magician, who was presumed dead. From that day Odonell became expert at BPRD over all powerful ancient forces that humanity can arrange an end. The story is told that Odonell saw in the library.
Star Wars. Knights of the Old Republic (Series 1-5 of 5) 2012
125 pages |
105.38 мegabytes

Keywords: Star Wars comics 2012
Surely you've heard about the video game "Knights of the Old Republic", as well as several series of comics, which were painted on its grounds. If you do not know where to start, this series you will be most welcome. War erupted between the Republic and the Mandalorians. Jedi are joining the fight, despite the warnings of the consul. One of them
Skeleton Key (2012)
35 pages |
21.39 мegabytes

Keywords: Skeleton Key comics 2012
One of the greatest comic book, created by Andy Watson, back in color! Use the magic Skeleton Key, girl Tamsin and kitsune fox spirit can open a portal to any of an infinite number of universes. Lost somewhere in time and space, the two friends face a musical group that uses the resurrection of the dead to record their videos. Thus, they are in a
3 Story. Secret Files of the Giant Man (2012)
38 pages |
44 мegabytes

Keywords: comics 2012
Recognized by many fans of comics graphic novel back in 2009. Some episodes from the life of Craig Pressganga proved too sensual, even for this book, but not a true story about the years when he was a spy. This Ouen shot included three mission Craig: Paris, Cairo, and the Philippines. They all complement the original graphic novel, and represents
Diablo. Tales of sanctuary
64 pages |
6.19 мegabytes

Keywords: Diablo Tales of sanctuary
This comic has three, not related to each other, the stories. They tell of the struggle against the evil of three different representatives of the Diablo universe. The first of them - a druid who voluntarily left their village after accidentally mutilated brother. Druids lived in a cave and atone for their sins, until he did not come running to
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