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Takio #02
34 pages |
13.24 мegabytes

Keywords: Takio Brian Michael Bendis Michael Avon Oeming 2012

Takio #02

Publisher: Marvel
Red She-Hulk #49-55
180 pages |
94.69 мegabytes

Defenders #12
24 pages |
13.03 мegabytes

Keywords: Defenders Matt Fraction Terry Dodson Mirco Pierfederici finale 2012
Series finale! At the end of the defenders! All the answers to your questions! Everyone is dying! All ends! So how are the good guys pull it off?

Defenders #12

Publisher: Marvel
Deadpool #1 (2012)
21 pages |
11.53 мegabytes

Keywords: Deadpool Geoff Darrow TONY MOORE George Washington Gerald Ford 2012
Dead former U.S. presidents, from George Washington to Gerald Ford was resurrected, and this is bad. Marvel heroes can not be the ones to stop them, someone needed to reputation, skills and plausible denial to accept the com-monsters in chiefs ... NOW! it is time for Deadpool ... In Wade We Trust!
Avenging Spider-Man #14
22 pages |
11.65 мegabytes


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