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Red She-Hulk #59
32 pages |
17.2 мegabytes

Keywords: Red She-Hulk Jeff Parker Carlo Pagulayan Wellinton Alves X-51 2012
The world's most powerful female super human is CLASSIFIED! Red She-Hulk's war on ALL superhumans continues! Captain America has no choice but to hunt her down! Will the newly redesigned X-51 need to use lethal force against her?
Red She-Hulk #58
24 pages |
11.05 мegabytes

Keywords: Red She-Hulk Jeff Parker Carlo Pagualyan Wellinton Alves 2012
The Earth's strongest female set on a path of destruction!!! Her enemies? EVERY POWERED BEING IN THE MARVEL UNIVERSE!!!
Venom #27
22 pages |
12.38 мegabytes

Keywords: Venom MINIMUM CARNAGE Scarlet Spider Micronauts 2012

Venom #27

Publisher: Marvel
Amazing Spider-Man #697
PART 3 of Danger Zone. Spider-Man joins the war of the goblins! The original Hobgoblin - Roderick Kingsley, has returned - will anyone other goblins show?
Fantastic Four #1
23 pages |
12.24 мegabytes

Keywords: Fantastic Four Marvel???s First Family Marvel 2012
Marvel Now! begins for Marvel???s First Family! Four adults. Two kids. One ???car.??? The Fantastic Four take a journey through all of infinite time and space!
Ultimate Comics Ultimates #18
25 pages |
15.75 мegabytes

Keywords: Ultimate Comics Ultimates Hydra Thor America Asgard Captain America 2012
UNITED WE STAND CONCLUSION It's the Ultimates' final stand against Hydra on American soil! Thor must make a startling choice: America or Asgard? And Captain America must endure one last temptation with the country hanging in the balance!

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