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The Rocketeer - Hollywood Horror #3
His rocket-pack gone, his girl not speaking to him, and all of Hollywood about to fall into the clutches of the sinister Otto Rune...what's young Cliff Secord to do? And what's that dangerous-looking thing Peevy's been building, anyway? It's back to Square One for the Rocketeer... as he has to learn to fly all over again!
Suicide Squad # 19
Harley Quinn! Detshot! Royal Shark! They are part of a team of super villains bombers recruited by the government to take on missions so dangerous on that any would consider it suicide?

Suicide Squad # 19

Publisher: DC
Deathstroke #19
"Friends die, family disappoints, but ... legacy lives on forever." Slade Wilson, the best mercenary in the DCU, and he is doing it for a very long time. Some might say too long. But they will soon realize that you can never turn your back to Dezstrouku. Kyle Higgins (Batman: gates of Gotham) and Joe Bennett (Teen Titans) team up to show you the

Deathstroke #19

Publisher: DC
G.I. Joe - The Cobra Files #1
A SNAKE IN THEIR MIDST! Her name is CHAMELEON-and she used to be a COBRA agent. Now she's made her way into the G.I. JOE team-the honest way. But even with the best of intentions, does she have what it takes to fight on the side of the angels? FLINT thinks she does, and he's willing to gamble the lives of this teammates on her... Unfortunately,
Transformers - Regeneration One #90
Original comics universe Generation One returned after 20 years break! On Cybertron world for 21 years, but whether it be fixed? Continuation of the history of Marvel IDW will include twenty issues (81-100), and in July of this year will be released once a month. Great too, that it is under all the same people, including Furman. Here is a preview
Transformers - Monstrosity #4
In the early days of the war on CYBERTRON, OPTIMUS PRIME puts everything on the line to unify the planet-but not everyone agrees that this new Prime should be in charge... Meanwhile, the fallen DECEPTION leader, MEGATRON, begins a journey that will change everything. Plus what is the terrible secret of the DINOBOTS? All this and more in the first
Ultron #01 AU (2013)
Ultron took over the world. Ultron killed the heroes. your father. When you're Victor Mancha, android teen Runaway, daddy issues doesn't quite cover it.
Avengers Arena #7 (2013)
25 pages |
32.72 мegabytes

Keywords: Avengers Arena Dennis Hopeless Greg Horn 2013
Caligula (1-6) Complete
6 comics pages | 2011 year
135.6 мegabytes

Keywords: Caligula Caligula comics David Lapham
Sillage (1-15)
16 comics pages |
443.2 мegabytes

Keywords: Sillage Morvan Buchet Munuera Lerolle