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Scarlet Spider - Issue #9
24 pages |
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Keywords: Scarlet Spider Roxxon Mammon Rangers NASA center marvel comics
What Roxxon greed brought down to Houston? Mammon has been unleashed, and Scarlet Spider and Rangers have no hope of stopping it. Great story Scarlet Spider until comes to a fatal conclusion! PLUS: the doors were opened in Houston NASA center... Scarlet Spider's life will never be the same.
Avengers Vol.4 #31
The final explosive arc for long-term Avengers writer Brian Michael Bendis. While the Avengers deal with the consequences of AVX, Tony Stark intercepts the signal... signal, which could lead to vigilante in the hands of one of his closest friends... or their main enemies.
Invincible Iron Man #521
In The Invincible Iron Man #521, we get a winking of "The Future"... Six months has passed since the Mandarin Tony Stark forced to his knees. At Resilient, the company has grown in the absence of Tony. As for the Hammers and their cohorts in the Pentagon, General Babbage, Detroit began in trouble. So much so that Babbage was forced, and has
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