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Thor - Son of Asgard (1-12 series) Complete
12 issues pages | 2004-2005 year
112.4 мegabytes

Keywords: Thor Son of Asgard Thor Son of Asgard
Mini-series of the 12 rooms. This is the story of childhood and the Torah of his exploits being in adolescence.
Thor - Vikings (1-5 series) Complete
5 issues pages | 2003-2004 year
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Keywords: Thor Vikings Thor Vikings
Thor grew up alongside his brother Loki, the adopted son of Odin, who was always jealous of him, because that got it all the best. Thor has always stood out among the others, and on the eighth day One gave birth to her son Mjolnir - Hammer, enchanted special magic. But it will be able to get it when he proves that is a worthy warrior. And for the
Thor - Corps (1-4 series) Complete
4 issues pages | 1993 year
23.6 мegabytes

Keywords: Thor Corps Thor Corps
One - the lord of the gods of Asgard Asgard and son wanted to Midgard (Earth), and so long sought Gaia - the eldest of the goddess of the Earth. Gaia gave birth to a son in a small Norwegian Thor's Cave. One took the boy to grow it in Asgard with his wife Frigg.
Thor - Blood Oath (1-6 series) Complete
6 Issues pages | 2005-2006 year
63.9 мegabytes

Keywords: Thor - Blood Oath Thor Blood Oath
After defeating the absorber, Thor returned to Asgard, where discovers that Trinity soldiers awaiting trial for accidentally killing a giant. As punishment, they were instructed to go to different worlds of Asgard planetoid and find something that will resurrect the giant. These things are the golden apples of Yggdrasil, which are protected by a
Thor - Godstorm (1-3 series) Complete
3 issues pages | 2001-2002 year
32.3 мegabytes

Keywords: Thor: Godstorm Thor Godstorm
First Thor came down to earth in the ninth century BC, the answer to the prayers of the Vikings. Thor reveled that faith to him and led them into battle, knowing the path of the warrior. A few years later, a group of Vikings killed several ministers of the Christian monastery in the name of Thor.
Thor Annuals #01-24
24 issues pages | 1965-2012 year
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Keywords: Thor Annuals Thor Annuals Marvel Collection
Iron Man - Thor (1-4 series) complete
4 comics pages |
95.7 мegabytes

Keywords: Iron Man Thor marvel comics Iron Man Thor Iron Man comics thor comics 2011
A new god for the new century! Thor, the God of Thunder - an Asgardian deity come to Earth to protect the innocent. Iron Man - a next-generation suit of armor invented and piloted by billionaire genius Tony Stark. Both are Avengers, leaders and heroes of the highest regard. And both are about to become obsolete! The High Evolutionary enlists the
Thor - The Deviants Saga (1-5 series) 2012
5 comics pages |
149.6 мegabytes

Keywords: Thor Deviants Saga 2012 comics Thor: The Deviants Saga Deviants Saga marvel comics
Beneath the ruins of Asgard, the Deviant villainess Ereshkigal seeks a mystic means of saving her race from extinction - and finds instead a weapon capable of dissolving all reality. With the Eternals who would oppose her mysteriously vanished, Thor stands alone--to stop the entire Deviant race from dominating the world! COLLECTING: Thor: The
Astonishing Thor (1-5 series) HD
5 comics pages |
121.9 мegabytes

Keywords: Astonishing Thor Astonishing Thor Astonishing Thor comics Marvel 2011
Thor finds himself battling a surge of natural catastrophes. At first, the Son of Odin suspects Zephyr, immortal mistress of the winds, but soon he finds that the climactic upheaval must be attributed to a much larger force: Ego, The Living Planet!
Thor Vol.2 #503-587 (1998-2005)
89 issues pages |
991.27 мegabytes

Keywords: Thor Vol.2 Marvel Collection 1998-2005
Thor #451-502 (1992-1996)
52 issues pages |
389.36 мegabytes

Keywords: Thor Marvel Collection 1992-1996
Thor #401-450 (1989-1992)
50 issues pages |
468.85 мegabytes

Keywords: Thor Marvel Collection 1989-1992
Thor #351-400 (1985-1989)
50 issues pages |
481.79 мegabytes

Keywords: Thor Marvel Collection 1985-1989
Thor #301-350 (1980-1984)
50 issues pages |
399.21 мegabytes

Keywords: Thor Marvel Collection 1980-1984